Matchplay 2

p1020166_279x157Matchplay 2 is a sand dressed structured needlepunch tennis surface and its high performance, good grip and durability make it an excellent choice for any club. The built in cushion layer makes for medium-paced play and is easy on player’s leg joints and even straight after installation the performance characteristics are evident from day one and these characteristics are maintained throughout the life of the court. Inlaid lines can be permanently added in white, yellow, red and blue. Low maintenance and high porosity rating makes Matchplay 2 ideal for all weather usage, with play being able to continue as little as 30 minutes after rain fall.

•    Sand dressed needlepunch tennis surface
•    Kit form available
•    In-built cushions for easy impact on player’s joints
•    Classified to ITF Category 3 Medium
•    Available in Playrite green, sporting green, blue, navy and terracotta