Tanhouse Community Centre receives new MUGA

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The busy, inner-city Tanhouse Community Centre is relied upon by the wider community to provide facilities, from five-a-side football to young mother and toddler groups.

The centre underwent a refurbishment in May 2010 to renew the previous synthetic sand-filled five-a-side outdoor football pitches that had been subjected to over a decade of vandalism.

Although the centre needed to renew this surface, the lack of funding available meant that costs to install and maintain would need to be kept to an absolute minimum. As the upper surface was damaged due to vandalism rather than over use, it was deemed a cost-effective solution to recycle the existing rubber shock-pad, to which the Champion 24 tufted carpet was laid, to ensure a more comfortable, realistic and safer playing surface.

The centre was attracted to Champion 24 to cover their 1600m² area, as it is cost-effective to maintain, hardwearing and comes with a guarantee. Centre manager, Visa Patel commented; “It is unfortunate, but not exclusive to our centre, that vandalism is rife when dealing with outside sporting facilities.  I’m hopeful that by providing an upgraded area these vandals will have enough respect for the wider community not to ruin it for those who enjoy and benefit from it.”

Playrite director, Chris Pickles adds: “Unfortunately the world we now live in we have to think about making fire-retardant and vandalism-protected surfaces to offer for outdoor.

When Tanhouse Community Centre contacted Playrite via the new website, the objective was to install something that needed very little maintenance as the centre simply doesn’t have the resources to keep repairing vandalized areas rather than injecting the money into other, more productive areas.”

The courts have fortunately not been subjected to extensive vandalism, so is still being widely enjoyed by the community.

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