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Manufacturing Needlepunch Surfaces for Sport


Needlepunch 1Playrite are the only UK manufacturer to produce needlepunch, tufted and woven synthetic surfaces and this means we can offer a diverse range of multi use and sports specific surfaces as well as playground safety systems and leisure grasses.

Needlepunch surfaces are predominantly used for multi use games areas, tennis courts and playground safety areas, but are also very suitable for practice cricket areas and bowling green's as well as golf pathways and tee areas. The benefits of a needlepunch surface are durability and hardwearing alongside a high porosity rate, variety of colours, and Playrite's needlepunch surfaces meet EN15330 Part 2 standards.

So how are needlepunch surfaces made?

Needlepunch 2The construction starts with polypropylene staple fibres being placed into a machine at the exact pile weight requirement.

The fibres are then combed into line through a carding machine layering the fibres in one direction, then into a needling loom which interlocks the coarser denier fibre creating a flat carpet.

This is then placed on a structure machine which designs the required pile design and height specification.



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