World Indoor Bowls Championship 2015

World Bowls Championship

Playrite have been manufacturing artificial bowls surfaces for over two decades, and we’re incredibly proud that almost three quarters of the world’s synthetic bowling greens were manufactured by us. That’s why we’re very excited about the World Indoor Bowls Championship 2015, which kicked off last Friday. If you’re a fan, you’ll be well aware of the famous blue Pro Weave carpet (courtesy of Playrite, of course!) along with the rules and regulations of the age-old game. If not, have no fear, just keep on reading… Continue reading “World Indoor Bowls Championship 2015” »

2014: A Look Back


First things first, we want to say a huge ‘Happy New Year’ to all our wonderful colleagues, partners and customers. We hope you had a fun-filled and restful Christmas holiday – the perfect end to such a great year.

For us, 2014 was particularly wonderful, and saw Playrite gain a huge amount of business and many successes. To celebrate, we’ve put together a 2014 summary, taking a look at a few of our favourite events, activities and achievements. Enjoy!

Playrite year summary2015 is set to be another great year for Playrite, and we can’t wait to find out exactly what is has to offer.


Caring for artificial sports surfaces this winter

Snowy cricket pitch Playrite

Unlike natural grass, caring for artificial turf during winter is extremely manageable. One of the USPs of artificial sports surfaces is their durability and all-weather qualities, however when winter rolls around, there are several precautions you must take to ensure the surface in top form.

Tread carefully

While the fibres of an artificial surface can withstand more than natural grass, it’s important that you refrain from heavy footfall during extreme frost. Excessive pressure on frozen fibres can cause them to snap, meaning that once the cold season has melted away, you’ll be left with a rather weary football pitch.

Remove with care

When snow fall builds up on your artificial surface, you should either act fast, or not at all. Removing the snow before it’s hardened will avoid broken fibres, however you should not use a metal shovel, which will tear the surface. Once the snow and frost has hardened, removing it will ultimately damage the surface. Thus, you should leave it to melt and drain away naturally.

A sprinkle of salt

If you’re keen to salt or grit your sports surface, do so with care. Salt and grit can contaminate the surface and deem it unusable once winter passes. These methods should be used to prevent freezing rather than as a defrosting agent, and you must be aware that results are completely dependent upon the type of surface, the amount of snowfall or frost and the temperature.

Water worries

Excessive amounts of rain can cause complications with artificial turf pitches. While the surfaces have inbuilt drainage systems that work wonderfully in average rainfall, regular torrential downpours can cause issues. In these extreme cases, where debris is forced deeper within the carpet by extensive stagnant water, deep cleaning is the only solution. This process will refresh and protect the synthetic fibres, correcting any compromised draining properties.

Frosty football pitch Playrite

Here at Playrite, we take pride in our high quality manufacturing and want our customers to enjoy their artificial sports surface for as long as possible. That’s why we promote regular maintenance of turf, and are always more than happy to advise customers following their purchase.

Do you have any other questions about your artificial sports surface this winter? Please don’t hesitate to contact us – you can visit our Facebook page or tweet us @PlayriteSurface.

The United Sports Kingdom

The United Sports Kingdom Map UK

The United Kingdom is a place full of sporting passion. Many of the world’s oldest sports began right here, and the country produces some of the world’s most successful events and athletes alike.

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of synthetic sports surfaces, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to honour our sporting triumphs. Inspired by’s excellent United Sports of America illustration, we’ve produced our own United Sports Kingdom, which represents various areas with the associated sports. From the Highland Games in bonny Scotland to horse racing at Aintree, rugby league up north to sailing and surfing on the southern coasts, the United Sports Kingdom has it all!

What’s your favourite sport, and is it representative of the region you hail from? Get in touch by tweeting us @PlayriteSurface.


The best sporting moments of 2014

As always, the year has flown by far too quickly. Though we’re not quite ready to call it a day for 2014, now is as good a time as ever to take a look back at some of the best moments of sporting events that this year seen. With The World Cup, The Ryder Cup and The Tour de France to consider, it’s been rather difficult to whittle it down – but we think we’ve cracked it. Do you agree? Continue reading “The best sporting moments of 2014” »

Artificial grass at the Women’s World Cup 2015

Women's World Cup 2015 Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has hit the headlines this month with a group of female football players filing a lawsuit over the surface for the Women’s World Cup. The players have claimed sex discrimination over Fifa’s decision to use synthetic pitches during the event, while the men’s World Cup tournament have always been played on natural turf. Continue reading “Artificial grass at the Women’s World Cup 2015” »

Athlete Profiles Infographic

Have you ever wondered how tall the average footballer is? Or how much a professional rugby player weighs? How about the typical salary of a world class cricketer? Our recent infographic answers all of these questions and more, taking a look at the average sportsman statistics of five of the UK’s most popular sports: football, rugby, tennis, cricket and golf.

Athlete profiles infographic

 If you like our sports infographic, feel free to add it to your own site and share it with friends. Be sure to tweet us @PlayriteSurface and let us know!

The roots of artificial grass

Nowadays, you’d be hard pushed to find a sports club, school or stadium that hasn’t dabbled in artificial sports surfaces. That’s because people are realising more and more how effective, durable and low maintenace synthetic turf is, and how it’s often a much better solution than natural grass.

So where did it all begin? Continue reading “The roots of artificial grass” »

The whole nine yards

Muddy Football Pitch

When it comes to artificial pitches, we go the whole nine yards. Not only is a Playrite surface ideal for the area of play at sports grounds, but the perfect solution for the parts surrounding.

The main area of the pitch isn’t the only place that experiences heavy footfall. Players, coaches and officials make up the high traffic that treads around the perimeters of a field, not to mention the media, who are prone to a bit of trampling! This means that the turf needs to be just as hardwearing as the main area of play. Continue reading “The whole nine yards” »

The Commonwealth Games 2014: multisport games and multisport surfaces!


The Commonwealth Games 2014 are well underway and we’re delighted with England’s success so far. With 105 medals – 38 of which are gold – we’ve hit the top of the table, and will certainly gain more in the final few days.

As England triumphs in Scotland’s biggest ever multisport event, it only seems appropriate to take a closer look at multisport surfaces. Continue reading “The Commonwealth Games 2014: multisport games and multisport surfaces!” »