Artificial Surface from Playrite Creates new Multi Use Games Areas

stockwell_park_479x359Stockwell Park High School in London describes themselves as an outstanding school for pupils of all abilities. Moving forwards to become a flourishing academy which offers excellent facilities to the local community, the school wanted to make further improvements, focusing this time on sports.

This project involved a complete refurbishment of an older tarmac surface that was installed previously but didn’t provide the school with an all weather surface which was required. The school managed to collect extra funding to enable the surface to be updated to more suitable product and to have all the line markings for the netball and 5-a-side permanently inlaid, so that they could save on the cost of the line painting and maintenance in the future.

Working closely with Colin Lloyd from Outdoor Carpets LTD and Steve Byrnes from Playrite, Stockwell Park High School selected Matchplay 2 for their multi use games area. A durable, hardwearing option that requires relatively low maintenance to keep the surface in prime condition makes Matchplay 2 the ideal multi use surface for schools, clubs and community use. The built in cushion layer makes for medium-paced play and is easy on player’s leg joints and the surface meets EN15330 Part 2 as well as being classified to ITF Category 2 Medium Slow. Not only that, performance characteristics are evident from day one and play can continue almost immediately, ensuring that the pupils at Stockwell Park High School get the most from their new sports surface.

Ms Esther King, Head of PE at Stockwell Park High School explained how:

“The Playrite surface has impacted upon our pupils’ learning positively – it has provided our pupils with an opportunity to participate safely in a variety of sports on a reliable and safe surface. It has also enabled us to teach sports not normally available to inner city London schools such as hockey and rugby.”